FUZZengine™ personalizing application (add-on) is free to download and use together with native or FUZZengine™ enabled applications.

Use video wallpaper loops, add image wallpapers or add new sounds to your native or third-party applications.

It’s FREE! Download it now and personalize your applications with new features!

Use FUZZengine™ sounds, videos and pictures for native applications like alarm, reminder and ringtone or to personalize your third-party applications.

Developers find FUZZengine™ useful for allowing you the unique experience with their applications.

Check the list of FUZZengine™ enabled applications and start using this great personalization tool right now!

Use video loops or images from FUZZengine™ as wallpapers or sounds, as alarms or ringtones inside native or supported third-party applications.

FUZZengine™ will not only add new features to your app, but will also save your wallpapers, videos and sounds on our Cloud, if not in use at the moment.

You are able to re-download them at any time.